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What warranties will I have for my system?

The most common product warranty for a solar panel is 10 years but can be up to 25 years. Performance warranties on solar panels are almost all 25 years. An inverter product warranty is generally between 5 – 10 years. Most batteries on the market are provided with a 10 year warranty. Choosing a product with an Australian presence or a local supplier is essential. This will simplify the claims process if a warranty claim is needed.

Can my solar system prevent a blackout?

A solar only system cannot prevent a blackout as there is no way to store your generated energy. With a solar and battery system, we offer a backup function at an additional cost to prevent a blackout.

We don’t generally suggest that you backup the entire house, unless you have a big enough inverter and battery. The essential circuit to prevent a blackout would be your kitchen, all the lights, garage door and power outlets in the kitchen area.

Can I monitor the performance of my solar system?

Yes, you can! Most inverters we use have either a built-in display or Wi-Fi with cloud-based monitoring. You can easily monitor your power output, energy generated,
energy export to the grid and your battery SOC. Our qualified installers will help you to set everything up upon completion of the installation.

How long does an average installation take?

This comes down to the size of the system you have purchased and the difficulties that may be specific to your house for the installation. Generally, a full day is required for a 5kW+ system.

Is my solar system battery ready?

This depends on the inverter you purchased at the time, and what type of battery you are adding on later down the track. If you have plans to add a battery later, please let us know in advance, we can then quote you with a battery ready inverter (Hybrid inverter). We can also retro-fit a battery to an existing non-battery ready solar system, so do not hesitate to make an enquiry.

Can I increase the size of my solar system and my battery capacity in the future?

This depends on your roof space and the size of the inverter. If you have sufficient roof space and additional capacity in the inverter, you could increase the size of your solar system. Or you could add a second system to your roof. Most batteries we use support parallel more than 1 battery. Thus, when the time comes, we can add another battery to your existing solar and battery system.

Can I go off-grid with my solar & battery system?

Yes, you certainly can, but we don’t always advise you do. If you are in a metro area and already connected to the grid, the answer is not to. To go completely off grid, it will require a very large solar and battery system at much greater expense. In these cases, we can help you design a system to minimize your reliance of the grid.

What are the maintenance required for my solar system?

We always recommend customers schedule solar panel cleaning every 12 – 24 months. This will ensure the efficiency of your solar panels and prevent cracks from hot spots (caused by debris blocking the sunlight). There is no required maintenance cycle for inverters and batteries. During a cleaning session, our technician will perform a check up on the inverter and battery to make sure they are performing as they should.

Can I finance my solar system?

Yes, you can! Below is a summary of the 5 ways to pay for your solar system.

  1. Cash – Paying cash for a solar system will give many other investments a run for their money. This is currently bringing in the highest return on investment that is also tax-free.
  2. Add to your home mortgage – Most retail mortgage rates are around 4-5%. This is significant lower than any Green Loan or Personal Loan available.
  3. Green loans – If you had to take out a new loan for your system, this is the best option for most. Green loans are offered by financial institutions that understand a person installing solar panels is usually a good bet. A typical green loan has an interest rate of 6-8%.
  4. ‘Interest free’ solar loans – Finance companies that offer interest-free repayment schemes receive a fee (typically around 15-25% of the price) from the merchant (solar retailer in this case), which is where the real money is made. If you’re paying cash, the sticker price of a system may well be the same, but the merchant will be much more negotiable on cost than if you’re financing the purchase. Also, establishment, monthly and other fees can add up over time to act as a small interest rate.
  5. Personal loan from a finance company – A finance company can help those who can’t borrow more on their home mortgage or want the added incentive of a higher interest rate to ensure they repay the loan faster. If you don’t have the discipline to repay more than your minimum repayments, then a personal loan may work out as a cheaper option in spite of the higher interest rates. A typical personal loan interest rate is around 10-15%.

How To Get Started?

At Empower Solar Perth, we pride ourselves on not only the effectiveness of our solar energy systems, but also on our efficiency in getting your system up and running. Our solar installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Site Assessment: One of our experienced staff will visit your property to learn about your specific energy needs and assess your home. They will help you evaluate your energy saving options with a free personalised quote.
  2. Agreement: Our solar design experts will make any necessary adjustments to your design quote and will send a final agreement for your review and approval
  3. Permitting: Once you finalise the agreement, the decided upon design will be submitted to Western Power for approval and a meter upgrade. An installation time will then be booked, normally between 2 – 3 weeks after the application was submitted.
  4. Installation: Our CEC accredited installation team will arrive early on the day to start the installation.
  5. Power On and Start Saving: You’re now officially able to start generating your own clean energy along with significant savings!
  6. Follow Up: One of our customer service team members will give you a follow up call to ensure your system runs smoothly.
  7. Referral: Your journey with Empower Solar Perth doesn’t just end there. Refer a family, friend or business and earn up to $600 per new ESP customer. For more information, refer to our Referral Program.