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Solar Systems, Solutions and Packages

Average WA residential electricity prices are expected to rise more than 7% annually. Solar systems from Empower Solar Perth can generate up to 90% of your power and achieve incredible savings on your monthly bill.
The link between usual business hours and solar energy generation means that commercial systems can save businesses between 80% to 100% on their energy bills, giving you the maximum benefit from your system.
You may be confused as to what the best option is and how pricing works. As every household is different, a one-on-one consultation is essential before we design, select and propose the best system for your energy needs.

Avoid the 6 Most Common Costly Solar Installation Mistakes

Going solar doesn’t need to be scary... so long as it’s done right. In the wrong or inexperienced hands, your solar installation can leave you exposed. Don’t get caught out with a damaged system, huge repair costs and restrictive warranties.