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Commercial Solar Systems for Better Business Efficiency

If you are a small to medium sized business you might be wondering what options are available for you to redirect some of your revenue away from large electricity bills and into other areas focussed more on your growth or sustainability.

The link between usual business hours and solar energy generation means that commercial solar systems can save businesses between 80% to 100% on their energy bills, giving you maximum benefits. In the final analysis, when the costs are measured up, there are large savings to be made for the commercial sector.

  • The finance repayments you make will be similar to the amount of money you would have been spending on your power bills, creating a break-even period for the duration of that time. The upshot of this is that your commercial outgoings will be no more than usual, and in the end, you will have paid little to nothing for your system.
  • After a 1.5 to 2 year payback period you will be almost completely free of energy expenses and recouping the benefit of any energy you are delivering back to the grid.
  • For the purposes of taxation, you can plan a depreciation schedule on the system itself and claim finance interest as a tax deduction.
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